Chatbot Use Cases

Go beyond the regular chatbots with advanced Automation and AI working together. Build out self service scenarios and provide customers an experience that saves time, increases engagement and improves satisfaction

Handoff to Agents via a Callback

Give customers option of connecting via their preferred channel. Create tickets and request callbacks on their behalf. Explore platform now.

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Product Warranty Automation - DeepConverse

DeepConverse helps customers by showing them their registered products and helping them find the warranty in a self serve manner.

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Analyze Chat Conversation for Chatbot and Support Agent

Understand how customers like / dislike your chatbots and agents. Learn what went well in the conversation and what can be improved.

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Multi Factor Authentication using Email

Provide a passwordless experience to customers. Verify their email in a conversational chatbot UI and provide authenticated actions.

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Order Lookup - DeepConverse

Help customers self serve by giving them an option to lookup their order. DeepConverse Chatbots can fetch information and you can render it in a rich format.

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Integrate external APIs

Bring your external APIs into the conversations. Collect structured and validated inputs from your customers to present actionable information to them.

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Answer Customer Questions with Help Articles

Use your content such as help articles to provide answers to common customer questions. Go beyond traditional methods of search by using DeepConverse.

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Meeting Booking / Appointment Scheduling

Continue conversations beyond tickets / leads. With DeepConverse Chatbots you can let customers book time with your team and collect infomration.

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Salesforce Live Chat

Build a seamless chatbot and Salesforce live chat experience. Go beyond the out of box Salesforce experience to provide low code automations.

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Product Troubleshooting Chatbots

As the product catalog grows it becomes essential to provide self service. Save time for your customers and agents with Product Troubleshooting.

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Let's answer some questions.

How much effort is it to implement these chatbot use cases?

It's simple. DeepConverse provides you with prebuilt templates for many of the common chatbot use cases. You can start with a template and customize it to your workflow. You can add integration connections to work with data in your external systems.

Are these chatbot use cases used by live customers?

Yes, customers start with these templates and have customized it to their brand and the type of persona their chatbots have. These use cases have been taken from live customers.

Do I require a full IT team to help build these chatbot use cases ?

DeepConverse provides a low code flow builder where you can build out conversational flows without any IT expert being involved. In many of our customers the CX teams and content writers manage and author the chatbots.

In regards to third party integrations such as Salesforce, Zendesk etc. many of the common functions can be done within the environment without IT support. If you are looking for a deeper workflow integration the IT team might need to provide support.

Can the chatbot work on other channels like Whatsapp / SMS / Google Chat?

DeepConverse has a omnichannel flow builder. You author the flows once and we take care of making it work across channels. You can natively integrate channels such as Whatsapp, Google Chat, FB Messenger etc. in DeepConverse or make use of our partner integration with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.

How easy is it to deploy a chatbot with automations?

On web, we provide you with a script to add to your website. Once the script is added you will see the chatbot and the conversation flows are live.

On other platforms some configuration is required to setup authentications and webhooks for DeepConverse to reply and handle messages.


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