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Solve More CS Queries with DeepConverse's  AI Chatbot solution

Go beyond traditional chatbots to bring a seamless AI and Automation solution that answers questions, provides rich automation, and improves customer engagement and satisfaction. Our AI Chatbots are primarily used for customer service, customer support, IT support, and multi-channel assistance. Experience seamless interactions and exceptional customer experiences.

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Check out Conversational AI bot in action for customer service and support teams

Multi-Step Conversations

Ask follow-up questions, so that your support agents don’t have to

Engage in multi-step conversations, using follow-up questions to get to the precise answer that your customer is looking for.

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Save Time

Keep repetitive support queries from eating up your agents' time

The AI-powered chatbot can be trained with a new skill in just 10 minutes and can provide instant customer service to almost all repetitive support related queries.

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Get a no-code chatbot builder for non-technical support teams

DeepConverse Chatbot is built to save you from the coding hassle so that your IT support teams can focus on what they do best-

Deliver outstanding support experiences.

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Offer multi-channel support where your customers hang out

Be where the customers are. Provide instant support to your customers on channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Ticket Forms with our partnership with Sunshine Conversations.

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Save Money

If you think you can save some support $$, you probably can

DeepConverse bots are helping businesses deflect up to 80% of their support tickets by automating answers, and therefore, reducing their support spend.

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Interactive Guides

Need interactive guided resolutions?
We have it covered.

Inline Guides deliver an interactive user experience and simplify complex support processes like troubleshooting and buying journeys.

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Customer Service powered by Conversational AI

With DeepConverse, you get a powerful Conversational AI solution for customer service and support. Our chatbots engage in multi-step conversations, utilizing follow-up questions to provide precise answers that your customers are looking for.

Automate IT Workflows with AI

Streamline your IT support processes with DeepConverse. Our AI-powered chatbots can handle technical support queries and provide instant solutions. From troubleshooting to software assistance, our chatbots offer quick and accurate support, reducing the workload on your IT team.

Guided Chatbot for Exceptional Support

DeepConverse takes customer support to the next level with guided chatbot interactions. Our chatbots provide interactive guided resolutions, simplifying complex support processes. From troubleshooting to buying journeys, DeepConverse empowers your customers to navigate seamlessly through your services.

Next-Generation AI Bot for Technical Support

Looking for an AI bot that excels in technical support? DeepConverse is your solution. Our AI chatbot is specifically designed to handle technical queries, troubleshoot problems, and provide step-by-step guidance. Empower your customers with reliable technical support powered by AI.

Explore use cases to see how DeepConverse can bring Automation and AI to your workflows

Learn about the various use cases our new generation AI chatbots can handle support queries and how it can help improve your customer experience by provide exceptional service for companies of all levels and categories.

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More Support Tools

interactive guides solution

Interactive Guides

Add your knowledge articles on DeepConverse Interactive Guides and simplify the complex support processes for a higher CSAT.

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ai answer engine solution

AI Answer Engine

Want your frequently asked questions more personalized. Learn how DeepConverse AI Answers can help.

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answer engine solutions

Automation Builder

Try the Inbuilt flow-builder that uses 30+ backend connectors to automate conversations without any coding skills.

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DeepConverse x ChatGPT - Give an edge to your support team
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