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FOundational Security

Security is the foremost priority for our organization and our products

Products are built ground up with regards to privacy and undergo security design reviews, threat detection and remain under continuous monitoring.

All employees undergo annual Security Training and background checks.

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following all the compliance

Maintaining compliance to the industry standards

We undergo independent audits to ensure compliance. DeepConverse is SOC2 certified, GDPR ready and aligned with the principles of ISO 27001.

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Infrastructure AND Monitoring

Using the latest security measures

DeepConverse encrypts all data in transit and at rest. We run our services in a private environment architected to ensure security and monitor our cloud posture continuously.

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Interactive Guides

Need interactive guided resolutions?
We have it covered.

Inline Guides deliver an interactive user experience and simplify complex support processes like troubleshooting and buying journeys.

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Questions about security at

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