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How much effort is a successful chatbot for Zendesk worth?

With DeepConverse, you don’t have to commit upfront to a long project. Using DeepConverse, you can teach your Zendesk Chatbot any new skill in just 10 minutes and help automate most of your repetitive queries.

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Answer support queries like
a team 4X your size would

Personalized Chats

Leverage customer data from the Sunshine objects with a two-way integration between DeepConverse and Zendesk and engage your customers with a personalized conversation.


Informed Agents

Use the customer-bot chat history to populate the necessary ticket fields before handing the tickets over to the agents. Save your agents' time from asking repetitive questions.

Seamless Handover

Let DeepConverse quickly scan for agents with Zendesk LiveChat and bring agents into the conversation in the same chat window as per availability.

AI-powered chats

Use AI for your most common problems

In less than 10 minutes, teach the bot a new skill with just a few examples.

In less than a week, automate answers for your top issues using AI-based skills. Over time, you can analyze the other common questions the bot is facing and add the matching skills as needed.

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Automation Builder

Native Integration with
an Automation Builder

DeepConverse offers AI-driven Chatbots that integrate natively with your Zendesk account.

Customers like their answers engaging and accurate. You can use DeepConverse’s Automation Builder to create multi-step conversations and ask follow-up questions instead of asking your customers to rephrase theirs.

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Leverage knowledge articles 

Reuse existing content
in the chatbot

DeepConverse lets you leverage your knowledge articles within the chatbot so that you don't have to update your chatbot every time your knowledge articles change.

Deploy your bot faster by leveraging Zendesk Knowledge articles for the less common issues without building a custom AI skill.

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DeepConverse Interactive Guides
+ Zendesk Knowledge Articles

Make your Zendesk knowledge articles interactive with DeepConverse Guides and deliver a better support experience.

Easy Editing

Create and Update Guides in just a few minutes

Complex support processes can be easily simplified when made interactive in their guidance.

With DeepConverse, you can create, edit, and publish Guide flows for your high-ticket articles in just a few simple steps and make troubleshooting fun for your customers.

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Make Customers Feel More Confident With An Interactive Self-Service

Guides before Forms

Got a lot of customers rushing towards ticket forms? Replace your forms with Guides that provide an interactive self-service and lets customers file a support ticket at the last step, in case further assistance is needed.


Simplify Long Forms

Filling long-forms is boring, period. Break your long ticket forms into multiple steps using DeepConverse Guides and ask questions that are specific to the customers' problems.

Faster Ticket Resolution

Collect customer-specific data during the guided interaction with custom fields offered by DeepConverse and resolve tickets faster than ever before.


DeepConverse Conversational Search
+ Zendesk Knowledge Articles

Customers are habitual of searching for answers. Exactly why embedding a website Search
that is capable of delivering a conversational experience to your customers is vital.

Intent Understanding

Deliver an AI-Powered
Search Experience

DeepConverse AI Search deeply integrates with your Zendesk Knowledge articles and makes your search a lot more interactive and conversational.

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Leading Brands building Automations on DeepConverse Platform

More Reasons to Appoint AI Search as the
First Line of Support for your Customers

Type Ahead of Users

Let customers know you care by displaying answers even before they’re done asking.
Get the AI Search to enable Typeahead that presents a drop-down of auto-suggested answers using an AI that understands intent.


Search External Sources

Nobody knows everything. The question is - Does your Onsite Search have the ability to scan multiple Zendesk Help Centers all at once and that too using the same Search interface?

Get DeepConverse Search and fetch answers from all your external sources into one single Search interface.

Customized Answers

Your top 10 issues drive most of the search volume. Provide customized answers as the top result for your common queries. Show images, videos, and other rich content that provide an answer without them clicking on a result link.


Deliver next-gen support experiences

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of your Zendesk account?

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