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Give customers access to AI-powered support on any channel of their choice (Chatbots, Guides, or Search), at any given time, and see how impactful your Salesforce account can be with DeepConverse AI.

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With DeepConverse AI Chatbots + Salesforce Service Cloud You Can

Personalize Chats
with a 360° View

DeepConverse has a bi-directional integration with Salesforce that lets you collect the customer data from your Salesforce custom objects and personalize your support chats for better engagement.


Handoff Without Any Hassle

Bring agents in situations where a human touch is needed.

DeepConverse can check for agent availability on Salesforce Agent Console and offer a smooth handoff in the same chat window.

Brief Agents Before
The Handover

A detailed customer-bot transcript helps your agents understand the case better.

It also provides a better context to your agents by auto-populating case fields and custom objects before the chat is handed over to an agent.

AI-Powered Chats

Deflect cases for repetitive queries using Advanced AI

Like tools with quick deployment? Your DeepConverse Chatbot can learn any new skill using just a few examples in just 10 minutes.

For your common queries, for example, an order return, you can automate basic answers using AI-based skills (and have the bot up and running in less than a week). Over time, you can analyze the other common questions the bot is facing and add more skills as needed.

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Deep Integration

Native Integration with Salesforce Service Cloud

DeepConverse offers AI-driven Chatbots that integrate natively with your Salesforce Service Cloud account. This lets you have a smooth customer data sync between both platforms and create custom records or populate custom fields seamlessly.

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Leverage Existing Content

Make Salesforce Knowledge Articles Evergreen

DeepConverse lets you leverage your knowledge articles within the chatbot so that you don't have to update your chatbot every time your knowledge articles change.

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Guided self-service placed on your customers’ fingertips

Make customers feel like they are already talking to an agent. Add your Salesforce Knowledge Articles on DeepConverse Interactive Guides and deliver self-service on their favourite support channel.


With DeepConverse Interactive Guides + Salesforce Knowledge You Can

Simplify Long Forms

Got long-forms? Chances are your customers would give the agents a cold shoulder because of that.

Break long ticket forms into multiple steps using DeepConverse Guides and keep the questions personalized to customers' issues


Resolve Cases Quickly

Gather all the information on the support case during the guided interaction with DeepConverse custom fields and provide faster case resolutions.

Analyze and Update high-performing Guides

See what's working. Build more of it.

Analyze the guided flows your customers follow for each query, optimize your guides accordingly in an inbuilt flow builder, and keep simplifying your complex troubleshooting processes with an interactive guidance.

Guides Before Forms

Reduce your Case Load

Place your Interactive Guides naturally before the forms. You can get most of the queries answered by walking customers through comprehensive funnels that they can route and re-route (using breadcrumbs and guide history), and create a Case if they still feel unsatisfied towards the end.

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Leading Brands building Automations on DeepConverse Platform

AI that Searches quickly and efficiently

Make Search fun for your customers. Add a cognitive layer on
top of your Search and deliver a conversational support experience.


With DeepConverse Conversational Search
+ Salesforce Knowledge You Can

Answer before
Customers ask

The AI-enabled TypeAhead lets you predict the intent behind a query and the conversational Search lists out the auto-suggested possible results even before customers are done typing.


Source help
from Everywhere

Easily share content on the same Search interface from multiple content sources -

Salesforce Knowledge

Salesforce Community Cloud

YouTube Videos

Product Catalogs

Customize the
Frequent Questions

Have your top 10 queries Identified? Awesome.

Now try DeepConverse AI Search to customize the results for these common queries and embed rich content (images, videos, .gif, etc) that provide an answer without asking them to click on a result link.


Solve every case. Answer each query.

Bring it all together with a leading Support Automation

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