Answer Customer Questions with Help Articles

Use your content such as help articles to provide answers to common customer questions. Go beyond traditional methods of search by using DeepConverse.

Answer Customer Queries with AI

  • Use Cognitive Search to answer questions by going beyond keyword match
  • Present relevant content to customers from Help Articles, Community Posts and any other documents
  • Learn from their actions and understand their interactions with in depth content analytics

Save Customer time with in widget content

  • Provide customers any easy way to read the content within the chatbot
  • Improve customer experience by giving them relevant answers
  • Prevent frustrating redirection to external pages, maintain conversation context

Escalate conversations with context

  • Agents get full transcript and can view articles read by the customer
  • Includes URL and title of the article for full context

ISO 27001






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Learn about the various use cases our chatbots can handle and how it can help improve your customer experience

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