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Why DeepConverse is the best alternative.

user friendly interface
Easy-to-use interface

DeepConverse provides a user interface that is more intuitive and is simpler for admins and support staff to utilise. Faster onboarding of agents and simple setup

multiple ai features
Native AI capabilities

The built-in AI of DeepConverse is simple to implement and train, increasing agent and ticketing productivity. Without the need for costly third-party connections, DeepConverse makes it simple to create AI-powered chatbots and bot workflows.

automation features
Scalable automation

DeepConverse is made possible by its sophisticated natural language processing abilities, which let it recognise and react naturally and accurately to a variety of user inputs. This makes it possible for DeepConverse to properly handle a high number of interactions.

faster time for valuation
Faster time-to-value

DeepConverse offers a faster implementation cycle and you can start seeing benefits in just a few short weeks because it is incredibly intuitive and simple to configure. DeepConverse provides configuration and onboarding support right away to position you for success.

well priced chatbot platform
Simpler pricing

Our feature-rich customer care automation software is offered at fair prices with clear pricing structures. We won't bog you down with exorbitant upgrades and add-one for fundamental support features. There are no hidden fees at all.

How DeepConverse helps you Succeed

Our approach to conversation logic enables rapid chatbot deployment, seamless integration, and efficient resolution of customer requests.

As a comprehensive AI + Automation platform, we offer additional modules such as step-by-step Interactive Guides and Ticket Triage to further enhance your customer support capabilities.

From initial set-up and launch to quarterly business reviews, we’ve got you covered. We want you to be wildly successful with DeepConverse. Check out our customer reviews.

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Jaybird automated 70% of their support queries and increased agent response time by 38%

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What Customers are saying about DeepConverse


Providing the best customer experience on the planet while also scaling as cost effectively as possible is a tall task. One that simply cannot be done with prioritizing and optimizing both self service, and automation. Deepconverse enabled us to be available for the customer whenever they needed, and improved our operational efficiency by collecting and relaying all necessary information to our representatives. This lead to huge improvements in a multitude of areas for our organization. DeepConverse has been a pivotal partner of ours, and the support that they've offered along the way has been invaluable.

Tanner Nelson
Head of Customer Experience
g2 reviews of deepconverse
g2 reviews of deepconverse chatbot platform

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